Comedy: Hannibal Buress at Woodlands Tavern

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Columbus Alive

Next Tuesday one of the hottest young stars in stand-up, Hannibal Buress, will perform in Columbus at Woodlands Tavern.

Haven't heard of him? Buress isn't as well-known as comedy heavyweights Chris Rock or Louis CK, but he will be.

His absurdist logic and deadpan delivery has gained acclaim from critics, crowds and comedians such as Rock, who's anything but shy about hailing Buress as one of the funniest comics around.

"It's amazing to have Chris Rock's respect," Buress said. "He's been a hero of mine forever."

Louis CK also sees a promising future for Buress, who has written for "SNL" and "30 Rock." Buress opened for Louis CK's taped stand-up segments for the TV show "Louie." Buress also cameoed in a now-legendary poker scene in the second episode of that series.

The scene, featuring comedians playing cards, cracking jokes and discussing the legitimacy of gay jokes, was partly scripted and partly the funnymen just riffing. On the spot, Buress came up with an outstanding joke about quarterbacks and a very special sort of huddle.

The comedian is currently touring the country to help more people learn his name.

After the tour, Buress plans to do more TV writing and acting - he occasionally appears as a homeless man on "30 Rock" - and record a second album from new material he's performing on tour.

"Ideally, I'll do three jokes from the [previous] album and the rest will all be new," Buress said.

The tour also gives him a chance to work in all types of venues - from an intimate club setting like Woodlands to the 3,600-seat Chicago Theatre in his hometown, and even Bonnaroo in June.

Buress has performed at a lot of festivals, and he takes advantage of the environment by telling jokes about musicians.

"Right now my favorite is one about this New York rapper Vado, which stands for 'violence and drugs only.' I'm like really, that's it? What about water? With all that drugs and violence, you're going to get dehydrated," Buress said.

Buress says he's never been approached by musicians for making fun of them because he's not on their radar. That won't be the case for long.

Hear him:

Woodlands Tavern

8:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 24

1200 W. Third St., Grandview