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The seventh-annual New Dance Project by Columbus Dance Theatre features new work by local choreographers Kristina Isabelle, Stella Kane and Tim Veach, the artistic director of CDT. Former CDT company members Shelby Bakies and Melinda Baker also offer a new dance, as does Towson University Professor Susan Mann.

Mann's "Call Waiting" keeps one dancer on hold as the others "variously depict and react to confusing lists of instructions," a hallmark of automated communication.

In "Canoe," Baker emphasizes the different styles of two dancers as they take turns saving each other.

Bakies, now on the faculty at CDT's school, created the all-female dance "Emergence." "The women are not as much 'human,'" Bakies explained, "as they are a feminine form or energy, reacting and expanding, emerging along with the music."

"Planetary Motion" is Isabelle's work for five dancers, set to Terry Riley's "Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector." While Riley allows the musicians some improvisatory freedom, Isabelle's dancers "have to remain constant in their movement form," the choreographer said. "The beautiful, full movement orbits the dancers in new formations, aligning the human connections with planetary motions."

Kane's trio "On Any Given Day " depicts personal choices and interactions. "Sometimes our choice is easy, and yet frequently the decision can be conflicting and even, at times, painful," Kane explained.

Veach describes his "Corner" as a "neo-classical" piece in which a couple looks both behind and ahead of themselves as two other couples "erase time and expose the fragments of the main couple's relationship at different times."

Columbus' own Carpe Diem String Quartet will provide live music for these premieres.

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Fisher Theatre

8 p.m. Friday, May 20; 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Saturday, May 21

592 E. Main St., Columbus