Preview: Divide and Conquer at MadLab Theatre

Heather Gross, Columbus Alive

Rarely does an audience get to see a competitive side of the theater world. Usually it's confined to the audition process, when many hopefuls might contend for a lead role. But during MadLab's "Divide and Conquer," new plays - and the directors and actors working on them - will battle for the audiences' approval.

Five local playwrights have entered original one-acts into the contest, and the first weekend will present the first 10 minutes of each of them. The audience will vote to eliminate one of the competitors. The next week, 20 minutes of those four shows will compete. Week Three narrows the field to three plays at 30 minutes each, and in the fourth and final week, two plays will be shown in their entirety. Only one will be crowned the winner.

"We'll think of it like a volleyball tournament. It's competitive, but we're all still friends going out for a drink afterward," said Jenn Feather Youngblood, MadLab's creative development director and director of one of the five plays.

MadLab Theatre and Gallery

Nov. 25-Dec. 17

227 N. 3rd St., Downtown