Preview: Dance @ 30 FPS

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Ohio State now employs one of the few dance-filmmaking professors in the country. Esteemed choreographer turned filmmaker Mitchell Rose, who joined OSU’s faculty at the beginning of this school year, will draw attention to the medium through his “Dance @ 30 FPS” short-film mini-festival.

“It’s a burgeoning field, and more and more people are doing it,” he explained, pointing out that uploading a film to YouTube is an easy way for dancers to expand their audience.

For the first part of the evening, Rose has gathered 11 short films, including one of his own, from all over the world. They portray many sides of contemporary dance — there’s a man jumping repetitively on a diving board, amateur dancers letting loose in their living rooms and B-boys gracefully using their parkour skills on the side of a rocky hill.

Then at 8:30, Rose will screen Mike Figgis’ “The Co(te)lette Film,” the for-adult-eyes-only film adaptation of a dance by Ann Van den Broek that explores three female dancers’ sexuality. Admission is $5 for either or both shows.

Gateway Film Center

7 and 8:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 19

1550 N. High St., South Campus