Preview: Drunk in Love: The St. James' Valentine's Day Theatre Shorts Festival

Heather Gross, Columbus Alive

Who says theater needs to be performed on a stage? Wouldn't it be more fun to see a play in a bar? That's the idea behind O.G. Productions' Drunk in Love: The St. James' Valentine's Day Theatre Shorts Festival.

The event's name is long, but the plays are short. Four little ones, each between five and seven minutes long, will be performed in various places within St. James Tavern. The plays focus on the trials of dating.

"One couple's on a first date, one couple's on a last date, and the other couples are at different stages, so it kind of has an arc to it even though they're not actually related," explained Stephen Woosley, the producer of O.G. Productions who also wrote one of the plays.

He said the group wanted to perform at St. James again - they put on a similar event there for last year's Red, White & Boom - because it's a laidback atmosphere that draws both O.G. fans and random bar patrons.

"It's such a naturally cool environment at the bar," Woosley said. To help the audience take advantage of the setting, there'll be a drink break after each play.

St. James Tavern

7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 14

1057 North 4th St., Italian Village