Preview: Stupid Cupid: The Alt-Valentine's Day Party

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive
"Disco Lemonade," by Cyrus Fire

This is the first Stupid Cupid in Columbus, but the event began to take shape in the 1990s at CoCo Loupe's Dallas studio.

"I think it all started because a friend didn't have a date for Valentine's Day and he was so upset about it," Loupe said. "We were like, 'That's stupid.' So, Stupid Cupid."

Thus, her dance trio at the time performed for friends to celebrate.

This Saturday, Columbus artists converge at Loupe's Feverhead to continue the tradition of celebrating the trials and titillations of love.

More than 30 local artists will display work in the gallery. In the middle of the art will be an installation piece starring Michael J. Morris, an OSU doctoral student, sitting on a bed and inviting audience members to cuddle with him for seven minutes.

"Some people just want to talk, some want to go onto the bed as a pair," Loupe said. "It's part of this experiment of living a really creative life, these collisions with yourself and others and seeing what your boundaries are."

Loupe and other dancers will present a roundup of works in the warehouse. Be there by 9 p.m. to see the 45-minute performance.

"It will be an emotional and visual roller coaster ride," Loupe said.

Tickets are $20, which also buys visitors drinks and dinner. Feverhead will donate a portion of the ticket sales to Ohio AIDS Coalition.

"What do I want this night to celebrate?" Loupe said. "The beautiful and diverse ways of being together."


8 p.m.-1 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 11

1199 Goodale Blvd., Grandview