Comedy Q&A: Neal Brennan

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Since his last time performing in Columbus back in July, Neal Brennan has been busy touring nearly nonstop and preparing for his Comedy Central special, which will air in April. He called me from Boston before the sound check for the special to talk about porn stars, the funniest man in the NBA and his return to Woodlands Tavern this Monday.

Does it feel good to come back to Columbus?

Yeah, the good people invited me - Woodlands and Dylan [Shelton]. And I had a great time last time. It's actually a great room, and a room that can go either way where it's not strictly a comedy club.

How do you keep yourself occupied on the road?

What I realized is I don't drink much so I'm not big on the after-show girl pick-up part that you'd think would be part of the appeal. Then you get out there and you realize I really don't like drinking or drunk girls. This is going to be a huge impediment.

So I watch a lot of Netflix. I exercise. It's pretty boring. That's the other thing - I'm such a nerd. I'm just such a boring person. It's like, "Hey baby, want to come back to my room and watch 'PBS American Experience,' Ken Burns' take on the baseball documentary?"

Where does some of the material for your special come from?

It's the usual suspects: black people, women, Obama, the Bible.

Got any jokes about the Republican presidential candidates?

No. I don't joke about tragedy. Some things aren't funny, and Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are just not funny. Now, I did tell somebody that Mitt Romney is going to be elected president of "Falcon Crest."

Tell me about your podcast.

It's called "The Champs." It's me, Moshe Kasher and DJ Douggpound. It's funny, and it's stupid. That's the key.

We've had Blake Griffin, Robert Townsend, David Alan Grier and Craig Robinson on. We had Sasha Grey and Lexington Steele, the porn stars - those are our most popular episodes, by the way. People say sex sells, and now I believe them.

Any favorite guests?

The porn ones and the Blake Griffin one. He's really hilarious. He's witty; he would be a comedian if he wasn't a basketball player.

I was on "Jimmy Fallon" a couple of weeks ago and the Clippers won that night so I texted him, "Looks like we both did well tonight." And he texted back, "I did the bit where I ran, jumped and dunked. What bits did you do?"

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