Exhibit: Yesterday at Dublin Arts Council

Jackie Mantey, Columbus Alive

Fifteen CCAD student artists use many media to reflect on their yesterdays at this Dublin Arts Council exhibit organized by the student group Concours. More than half of the works on display feature words, a physical allusion to how text messaging and the internet have shaped the way this generation communicates and remembers the past.

Youth and its multifaceted changes are embodied in other ways. Evin Dubois' "Discarded Adornment" recalls puberty by using a deodorant stick as the subject. "Wisdom," by Eric Sherwood, shows a fading, worn nativity scene, calling to mind this generation's exposure to a polytheistic world. The resounding sentiment: Dream big and live young, no matter how many yesterdays have passed.

Dublin Arts Council

Through April 20

7125 Riverside Dr., Dublin