Best Karaoke Night: Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

A great karaoke night makes you feel like a rock star. And as with rock shows, the size of the venue dictates what kind of show is going down. Tiny rooms like Dirty Franks cultivate a level of intimacy that verges on familial, the same sort of vibe you'd get seeing local bands at a hole-in-the-wall rock club. (The fact that this particular hole in the wall serves delicious designer hot dogs until last call is merely a bonus.) As if the sriracha sauce wasn't spicy enough, Collin Clemons' bag of kooky costumes adds flavor to Monday night "Dirtyoke" sessions.

Runners-up: Mickey's, Ravari Room

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Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace

248 S. 4th St., Downtown