Distilled: Bossy Grrl's Pin Up Joint, a jumping little juke joint

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Bossy Grrl's Pin Up Joint is a welcomed addition to Columbus' nightlife scene being a slightly odd, outside-the-box venture. Sure, Betty's Fine Food & Spirits has long been recognized for its pin-up theme, but pin-up isn't a theme at Bossy Grrl - it's a lifestyle.

Primarily, Bossy Grrl's is a (beer) bar and coffee shop with a limited menu of Paninis - try the Elvis (bacon, peanut butter and banana). But take a deeper look and you'll find a quirky, endearing character that actually trades in wild fun more than anything else.

"We definitely want it to be risque, but not overtly - aside from the '70s porn table," said co-owner Sandy Rollins with a sly laugh.

Rollins is a member of local troupe Sex Kitten Purr-lesque and is co-owner with fellow burlesque artist Amber Myers. Their vivacious personalities are evident throughout Bossy Grrl's. Obviously, regular burlesque performances are part of the entertainment, but low-key musical acts are on the bill, too.

"We will be having a lot of naked women - that's the plan. We're trying to stay away from anything too heavy, as far as rock goes, because we're adjacent to both Kobo and Ace of Cups," Rollins said.

Inside the Bossy Grrl's space, the decor is part retro, part kitsch and all joyous titillation. The refurbished materials include a couch, chairs and that '70s porn table in the backroom, which has been covered in sexy pictures from a, um, hairier era. Pieces by a local artist who creates his work using car parts hang on the exposed brick wall. There are also ladies' undergarments hanging from the chandeliers that may or may not be pre-owned, as surely some patrons and performers have contributed. Be on the lookout for "Cry Baby" playing on a projector in the backroom.

Open mornings to late night most days of the week, the experience at Bossy Grrl's is largely dependent on time of day. Mornings are probably mostly quiet coffee drinkers; nights, especially weekends, are a party. During the weekday, with progressive happy hours - select draft beers are 50 cents beginning at 4 p.m. and go up a quarter each hour until 8 p.m. - it could a mix of both.

Bossy Grrl's Pin-up Joint

2598 N. High St., North Campus