The List: 10 worst beer names ever

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Columbus Alive

What's in a name? When it comes to beer, a lot. And with beermakers constantly trying to one-up one another with clever beer names, there are bound to be some misses. (Yes, these are all real.)

10. Blatz

Your beer name should not be an onomatopoeia for what happens when you drink too many. (See also: Schlitz, Pabst.)

9. Sick Duck

Manages to include two things we hate in beer names: childish puns and things that sound gross to drink.

8. Butt Crack Brown

Very clever, Beavis.

7. Bud Light & Clamato Chelada

It's pretty boring and straightforward to just include the ingredients of the drink, but when those ingredients are Bud Light and clam/tomato juice, you might want to come up with something that doesn't make you retch?

6. Doe in Heat

Beer makers have long used sex to sell their product, but a deer? A female deer?

5. Hops of Wrath, Hopsecutioner, Hoptimus Prime, Hoppy Ending, Tricerahops, Hopocalypse, Smooth Hoperator, etc.

Yes, hoppy beers are good, but this trend of cramming the word "hop" into your beer name by any means necessary has got to stop.

4. Pearl Necklace Oyster Stout

Yeah, we get the double entendre because it's an oyster stout, but seriously? Also, why are putting shellfish in beer again?

3. Spicy Fish Wife

Bad translation or the result of a game of Name The Beer Mad Libs? On the bright side, this beer is actually fish-free.

2. Vergina

Yes, Virginia, there really is an import beer called this, and if a group of bros get ahold of a six-pack, they'll be snickering too hard to drink it.

1. Golden Shower Imperial Pilsner

Well, it sounds kind if refreshing if you don't know where the name comes from …

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