Distilled: Move over PBR. Here are six other cheap beer options.

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Is it possible the beloved Pabst Blue Ribbon could fall out of favor with the young, unkempt masses? I'm calling my shot now and going with a resounding yes, as the price of PBR is actually going up due to its popularity. Besides, isn't the point of drinking PBR that you're a cool non-conformist? Well, not if everyone is drinking it.

Here are a six-pack of options that could take o the mantle of best cheap swill - differentiating you from the pack. And with five currently produced by Pabst Brewing Co., you can still be part of the Pabst family.

Miller High Life

The High Life has been nipping at the heels of PBR for a number of years now. Think about your favorite bar. Does it have PBR? Yes. Does it also carry High Life? Sure do. High Life-already boasting a title superior to Pabst Blue Ribbonalso has a pretty sweet nickname in "The Champagne of Beers." It doesn't have the brevity of PBR, but it's pretty good.

Old Milwaukee

Not to be confused with Milwaukee's Best (a MillerCoors product), this brew has a throwback label and just the right amount of no-taste for the price. Mmmmmm.


Two words: 15 pack. That means three extra beers for the same price. Stroh's also has a pretty decent nickname -Shorts - that shouldn't be too hard to figure out. The negatives are Stroh's tastes pretty crappy and comes with an unparalleled hangover. But who cares about that s---anyway?

Old Style

This may be the easiest beer to wean yourself off the PBR. I find them to taste exactly the same.


When Schlitzwent back to its original recipe in 2008, beer drinkers-especially frugal onestook notice. See Schlitz, once thought of as the rottenest of the rot gut, actually had a decent recipe (and flavor) that the brewery tossed out in the '70s. Oops. The good ol' days are back.

Black Label

For those who just say, "f--- it."