Ultimate Party Patio: La Fogata

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

The Short North has no shortage of patios ideal for soaking up some sun and sucking down a couple drinks, but La Fogata has the welcoming combination of being comfortable and relaxing with just the right touch of party atmosphere.

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Highlighted by the elegant wooden trellis, the patio is expansive and filled with a number of tables covered by huge umbrellas to offer a bit of shade. But get there early because grabbing a seat may be hard to come by. The Mexican restaurant and bar is often packed during the summer months with folks enjoying tacos, nachos or any number of nicely-priced south-of-the-border dishes with some ice cold Mexican beers or tequila drinks. Patrons may come for the food, but they stay for the libations.

La Fogata obviously boasts a noteworthy selection of Mexican beers ideal for cooling off in the hot, sticky weather, but it's the tequila selection that's the standout. The bar has one of the best and most substantial selections of tequila in the city and has a good selection of flavored margaritas as well. La Fogata also offers a well-crafte classic margarita - possibly the best drink for partying.

Given its location in the heart of the Short North, La Fogata is also a great place to do some people-watching, or be seen yourself. (What's the fun in partying if you can't let everyone know how great of a time you're having?) And if you're lucky, a Mariachi band might be on hand to serenade the crowds.

La Fogata

790 N. High St., Short North



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7-9 p.m. Friday, July 12

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