Wine: Fit for porch sipping

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It’s summer, and sometimes that simply calls for a light, refreshingvino — no food or fuss required.

In looking for guidance about what to grab for an easy night of outdoor drinking, we discovered there’s an industry name for this kind of wine: “porch pounders.” And until that’s a section in your local wine shop (we wish!), two owners share their top picks.

2011 Evolucio Furmint ($10)

Donnie Austin, House Wine

To Austin, porch pounders are all about “fruited white wines and roses with body but an edge that's lipsmacking as well.” Among his Worthington shop’s staggering selection, he chose this Hungarian white that features the little-known urmint grape, which sometimes take on a sweet character and can just as easily be aged in oak barrels.

True to Austin’s needs in a low-cost porch pounder, the bottle is crisp and refreshing, with tree fruit flavors and a whiff of floral aeromatics.

Gazela Vinho Verde ($7)

Jonna Brandon, The Twisted Vine

Vinho Verde is a Portugese blend that can’t be more of a win for porch drinkers everywhere, Brandon said. This particular pick is among the cheapest of the “green wine” (meaning: drink it young, within the year it was released) options in her Grandview shop.

But this wine still takes the cake as the most people-pleasing thanks to its fresh, lemon-lime taste and low alcohol content, Brandon said. Why is that important? The more alcohol packed into a drink, the more it will warm you up from the inside out, Brandon said — which of course is the opposite of what you want in a porch pounder.

Plus, each bottle of this blend of five different, little-known wines is preserved with a spritz of carbon dioxide, which gives it a refreshing effervescence.