The List: 10 worst beer-tivities

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Beer-drinking can make even the most menial task fun (see: bowling), but did you know that there are some things that beer actually makes worse? We were as surprised as you.

10. Cursive handwriting

It’s bad enough trying to think back to grade school when you’re drunk, but some of those letters will definitely give you the spins.

9. Lawn darts

Beer and backyard barbecues go together. Beer and backyard games involving sharp projectiles do not.

8. Jump rope

It’s not about the difficult physical activity so much as how much beer you spill.

7. Assembling IKEA furniture

Or you just say screw it and turn it into a drinking game: one drink for each leftover part, chug each time you lose the Allen wrench.

6. Studying Latin

Et tu, Bud Light?

5. Doing your taxes

Here’s to your audit!

4. Texting your ex

It doesn’t matter if it’s hate-texting or sexting. It’s going to end badly, and you know it.

3. Making important life decisions

Included but not limited to: marriage, divorce, tattoos, naming children, elective surgery, career path.

2. Entering a no-peeing contest

Trust us on this one.

1. Driving

C’mon, bro. Call a cab.