TV review: "Childrens Hospital" is as much fun as anything on TV

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As “Childrens Hospital” enters Season 5, there are no signs of it losing any appeal or creativity. It’s quite a feat, characterizing the Adult Swim series’ evolution from a simple spoofthe medical drama. Over its run “Childrens Hospital” has grown to incorporate fantastic special episodes (“Newsreaders, ” which now is an Adult Swim series), hilarious running jokes, ridiculous serialized storylines and even a “Party Down” reunion keeping things consistently fresh and fun.

The new season follows up on last season’s “Newsreaders”-structured finale, continuing a certain game-changing plot maneuver. I’m being intentionally vague about Season 4 to avoid spoilers which seems strange for “Childrens Hospital,” but surprise adds to the giddiness on this show (I also added a spoiler alert for an upcoming guest star too, even though the “previously on” gives it away.)

While “Childrens Hospital” has the ability to mix things up, its trademark dialog and style have made fans feel right at home. You can always expect some great dialog offering mile-a-minute humor and non-sequitursand downright brilliant comedic performances. Creator and star Rob Cordry deserves a big share of the credit, but co-stars Ken Marino and Rob Huebel have also written some great episodes, as have producers David Wain and Jonathan Stern.

The biggest strength this series has is a stable of talent behind and in front of the camera. The entire cast (other regulars include Meg Mullally, Lake Bell, Malin Akerman, Erinn Hayes, Henry Winkler and Zandy Hartig) has an immense amount of chemistry, and anytime a guest star drops by, the laughs are only amplified.

[Spoiler alert]The most frequent and f---ing awesome guest star is Nick Offerman as Lt. Chance Briggs. Every episode featuring Offerman is inherently improved by his presence. The second episode is basically -centric — including a wonderful sex scene with triangleshaped foods and third person climaxes — possibly the best Briggs episode yet.[End spoiler alert]

“Childrens Hospital” continues to be great, both insanelymadcap and intentionally structured in doing so. The end result is as much fun as anything on TV.

"Childrens Hospital"

12 a.m. Thursdays on Cartoon Network

3.5 stars