TV review: FX's Adult Swim-like new hit, "Axe Cop," features dinosaurs, aliens and poo

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Columbus Alive

“Axe Cop” is the creation of a five-year-old boy (with a little help from his 29-year-old brother), so it’s a perfect fit for Fox’s new ADHD late-night lineup that began last Saturday. ADHD is basically Fox’s version of Adult Swim; 15-minute cartoons that are ridiculously funny. Although, the other series “High School USA” is nowhere near as amusing as “Axe Cop.”

Since the Axe Cop character is the id of a young boy, the tales usually involve dinosaurs, zombies, aliens or poo. There’s also an overload of violence in “Axe Cop,” but it’s pretty harmless (for adults).

Anyway, “Axe Cop” hits every pleasure zone of those watching cartoons late on a Saturday night. Those who have social lives in lieu of bong hits should set the DVR. “Axe Cop” is universally funny, strange and entertaining.

A better voice can’t be found for the mustachioed crime fighter than Nick Offerman. He’s basically an animated version of Ron Swanson fighting crazy villains (zombies with jetpacks, Hitler, The King of All Bad Guys, Dr. Doo Doo) and yelling his catch phrase, “I’ll chop your head off!” Ken Marino is also great as Axe Cop’s sidekick Flute Cop and I hope Giancarlo Esposito’s Army Chihuahua (Man) returns.

“Axe Cop” has a number of stupid, yet fantastic jokes (“Everyone has pooped themselves to death”) alongside more sly humor (late fees on renting a inosaur horn) generating laughs on a number of levels. “Axe Cop” isn’t the greatest show on television, but for 15 minutes a pop it’s pretty damn great.

"Axe Cop"

12 a.m. Saturdays on Fox

3 stars