Tailgating guide: A gameday bar for everyone

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Columbus Alive

The best and worst part of the Columbus year is upon us: Buckeye football season. When the season kicks of this Saturday, the city will resume its age-old division of being raucous in its bars and desolate, well, pretty much everywhere else.

Deciding where to watch the game can be a finicky task due to the usual campus tribulations (lack of parking, meandering college drunkards). The following joints are tried-and-true campus digs that, based on what atmosphere you're into, may just be the perfect spot for some gameday hangage.

If you love dive bars, you might like:

Bier Stube

1479 N. High St., Campus


The Bier Stube has become a sort of off-campus monument and holds a good vibe in its worn aesthetic. Nothing too fancy here, so I would suggest drinking largely in the form of a domestic pitcher. After a couple of those the Stube has a menu with exactly what you'll crave (think nachos and pizza stuffs.) And boy, is it cheap.

If you love your kidstagging along, you might like:

Woody's Tavern (Inside the Ohio Union)

1739 N. High St., Campus


The kids deserve to be part of the tradition as well. If such is the case, head inside the shiny Ohio Union to Woody's Tavern, the faux-sports bar located near the dining area. The pizza's decent, beer's available and tables are aplenty to sprawl out on. This place may even work as a means to encourage the young folks to pursue higher-education in town.

If you wantlove craft beer, you might like:

4th Street Bar & Grill

1810 N. Fourth St., Campus



One of the university district's best bar observes a solid beer selection alongside bartenders that actually know a thing or two (at least, relative to the majority of campus.) They also supply a large space with splendid patio seating. Go when they open on football Saturdays though, as this spot will surely be full to the brim.

If youlove rowdiness, you might like:

Little Bar

2195 N. High St., Campus


With each step closer to the 'Shoe, naturally things get more rambunctious. Case-in-point: Little Bar and its full-throttled tailgate party Tiny Gate. On gamedays, Little Bar doubles its size by expanding into the parking lot, creating space for more bars, a massive projection of the Buckeye game as well as a DJ performing during commercial breaks.

If you love beingchill, but not too chill, you might like:

The Library

2169 N. High St., Campus


The Library bar is the epitome of a hole-in-the-wall, but hey, it works. While most flock to party bars for the game, this joint hosts an otherwise modest-sized crowd. There's always a good deal to be found at the Library and the best part is that there's more room to breathe.