Tailgating guide: Porch-gaiting: The lazy man's pre-game

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Hoofing it to the 'Shoe for 5 a.m. (or, hell, even noon) tailgating is hard. It's even harder when you're nursing a wicked hangover. At Columbus Alive, we understand your dilemmaThat's why, after copious amounts of research and experimentation (for science), we've developed a list of stuff you'll need for engaging in an increasingly acceptable alternative: porch-gating. With these goodies, you can have all the booze, brats and 'ball you want - all without leaving the comfort of your abode. (Note: Hangover cure not included.)

Kiddie pools

Use that four cubic feet of lawn space for convenient alcohol supply by filling a kiddie pool with ice and your cheap booze of choice. And before you think you're wasting $5 on a glorified cooler, remember: After the ice has melted, you can go for a swim. What a twofer! Opt for this season's seahorse design to make your party-goers jealous.

Extension cords

With your stereo inside, your neighbors won't hear "Seven Nation Army" and "Hell's Bells" on loop and repeat...so how will they learn you're in-the-know?Drag that puppy outside with the help of multiple extension cords and turn it up full-blast

Baby grill

Shin-high portable grills from Kroger are cheap, small and functional, and if you grab the pink one, you've got yourself a conversation starter with the ladies. Bet the neighbor with the suped-up, badass Webber can't say that.

Finedining withfancy China

Nix the Dixie-wear and opt for grandma's fine china. It saves money, everyone eats in style and with a couple quirts of Dawn in the kiddie pool post-swim, there's hardly any cleanup.


Fold-out chairs? Nah. Yank out that comfy recliner and those Ikea end-tables. While you're at it, pull out the bedroom vanity to perfect your face paint while hanging out with friends for a full home-(a foot and a half)-away-from-experience.

Unconventional games

Keep the innovations going with an intense game of Trivial Pursuit, Buckeye edition. It's not as exciting as tossing bean bags in a holebut after the gullet fest your stomach just endured, we're betting you'd like to get your game on sans much movement.