Wine: It's what's inside that counts

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

In our second installment of “not just another pretty bottle,” as I’ve started calling it in my head, I stumbled upon a simple-looking bottle containing a white blend that’s really quite fantastic.

The 2012 La Poule Blanche is a mix of vermentino (a typically Italy-grown grape that’s most often used in sweet and sparkling varietals, I discovered), chardonnay, sauvignon and Semillon. A little research shows the French label, Sacha Lichine, prefers wine that’s unpretentious and easygoing (which is quite a coincidence, because I happen to as well).

The label translates to “the white hen” (Sacha Lichine also offers “the red rooster”), and indeed it was the easy little illustration on the bottle that first caught my eye — that and the $8 price tag and high praises listed on the tasting notes at Wine on High. Sign me up!

The first pour shows a warm color and bright, chardonnay-scented nose. The taste, though, goes beyond chardonnay — it’s far from oaky or buttery, really, and instead comes across mostly as a peach-and-golden-delicious-apple flavor. It’s easy to warm up to, and I enjoyed it sip after sip. La Poule would be enjoyable for the dry-white-wine-lovers among us.

As for pairing suggestions, it would be great with a cheese course or baked fish dish. It’s not shabby as an aperitif, either…

Photo by Meghan Ralston