Distilled: Meister's Jager mural is match-made in heaven

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Whenever I get a chance to point Columbus drinkers to one of the best drinking dens in the city, I'm going to take it. So if it's something as simple as Meister's Bar holding a party for the unveiling of a Jagermeister mural, painted by local artist Andrew Kern, that's all I need.

Meister's Bar is the textbook neighborhood haunt/hole-in-the-wall where patrons will immediately feel right at home, and for good reason. The staff, headed by cousins Todd and Matt Meister, is on-point and good-natured. The drinks are cheap and doled out quickly. The crowd is generally fun and offers a good cast of characters.

If you're looking for a joyous occasion this Thursday evening (and probably into the wee hours of the morn), Meister's Bar is the place to be. The mural's unveiling is at 8 p.m., but you can stroll in anytime and be glad you did.

With regards to the mural, the story is pretty simple.

"We sell a lot, a lot, of Jager," Todd Meister said. "And our last names are Meister."

Kern was asked to paint the piece for a couple of reasons. As is often the case, it's a personal connection. He's a regular at Meister's Bar and friends with the Meisters and local Jegermeister rep Ashleigh Fensch. The main reason Kern painted the mural is because of his skill set.

Kern is a well-known muralist in Columbus. He is the maestro behind the expansive Tuttle Park "Cowtown Culture" mural and the Surf Ohio piece in the Easton Homage store. Kern has also booze art experience, having painted murals for Pabst Blue Ribbon in Columbus and Cincinnati.

"We went with a local artist to show support to the community and the Columbus art scene," said Kate Laufer, director of public relations at Sidney Frank Importing Company, which distributes Jagermeister. "Todd and the entire team at Meister's have been tremendous supporters of Jagermeister and we wanted to provide them with a lasting … sign of our appreciation."

There you have it, folks. Swing by Meister's Bar tonight for a drink - Jager if you're so inclined - and their fantastic pizza to support a great bar and talented artist. Cheers.