Booze guide: The Alive drinking (and reading) game

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Since this week's cover story is all about booze, Alive thought the readers might enjoy turning the issue into a drinking game. So here's a few ways to make Alive even more awesome to read, especially if you're at the bar and can attempt - and surely fail - to do all of these.

Every time you see the term "micro distillery," take a shot of your favorite local spirit.

If you're angered - or confused - by the "Which Liquor is for You" flow chart, take two shots of Wild Turkey. You'll either become angrier, or it will make more sense.

Every time you read the word "hops," chug a pint of Bell's Two Hearted - yes it's hard to do.

If you own more than four of the items in the "Home Bar Stepped Up" piece, pat yourself on the back and order your favorite liquor.

If you haven't tried all "Five Ways to Drink Bourbon," drink bourbon neat, on the rocks and in a cocktail. Compare.

Every time you see a spirit, wine, beer, etc. you're unfamiliar with, order a bartender's choice shot.

Every time you're in a bar where more than of half its drafts are IPAs, order a cocktail.

If you only drink red/white wine, chug boxed wine straight out of the box - yes, also hard (and gross).

If you've already tried three or more of the beers in the "Seasonal Beers Roundup," order a pint of your favorite local brew.

If you wish more than half of the Fictional Booze were actually real, drink the blood of a baby unicorn.