Gift Guide: Gifts for the boozehound

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

Famous Grouse, $22.15

This is scotch for the bourbon lover, and at a great price. It's got big caramel notes and a hint of oak-iness. It's not the "cleanest" scotch (for that check out Glenlivet), but it will bring most bourbon drinkers around to the spirit. It's also a great base for a scotch cocktail. Yes, those exist.

Available at most liquor stores

Beer Accoutrements, $9.99-$39

Beer lover on the list? Of course there is. Grad them a nice bottle opener and a rustic beer carrier. The Antique Key Bottle Opener ($9.99) is solid with a bit of class, and the beer carriers - available in six-pack ($29) or growler versions ($39) - are made from locally reclaimed cedar fence.

Weiland's Market

3600 Indianola Ave., Clintonville

Cocktail journal, $32-$42

If Travis Owens of Curio says any serious cocktail aficionado should keep a journal, you better listen. It's a good way to keep track of interesting libations you've tried - and there are a ton here in town - but also a nice conversation piece for the home bar. Best of all, it's a great way to keep track of personal recipes.

Robert Mason Company

11 E. Gay St. (Inside Sugardaddy's), Downtown

Daily Growler Starter Kit, $29

How many growler spots have popped up since The Daily Growler opened? A lot, but the reason the Daily Growler is still the place to go - besides the unbeatable beer selection - is the starter kit. A growler, two pint glasses and a $20 gift card. Pair it with a growler coozie ($6).

The Daily Growler

2812 Fishinger Rd., Upper Arlington

Brewery Tours, $55-$85

All right, so that beer lover already has more growlers than they know what to do with. Then put 'em to use. Gift one of Columbus Brew Adventures tours - six brewery/beer-related versions with one down to Jackie O's in Athens and a distillery option - so they can fill those growlers up, which are encouraged on the tour. There's even a built-in cooler in the van.

Columbus Brew Adventures

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Cocktail journal: Jesse Tigges photo

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