TV review: Go home, you're drunk "Homeland"

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It’s been a long time since I’ve really enjoyed or been impressed by “Homeland.” After the recent handful of episodes in Season 3, I’ve decided this once-acclaimed series has gone completely off the rails. [Spoiler Alert] I will be discussing the entirety of Season 3 up through last Sunday’s WTF?! episode.

It took a while for “Homeland” to reintroduce Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis), which showed restraint by the writers, but that doesn’t mean the narrative has been good. There were a couple moments that have been strong, but I can’t think of any standout episodes.

Much of this season has been too melodramatic, and worse, just unbelievable. Now I know “Homeland” requires a suspension of disbelief, but it’s become too much to bear anymore.

The Carrie-is-a-triple-agent twist, and not really at odds with Saul (Mandy Patinkin), was ridiculous. (By the way, is Saul Batman now?)

Throwing in a pregnancy for Carrie (Claire Danes) is trite — while also preposterous that she pumped herself full of Lithium and tequila while pregnant. Just to make sure this baby is always in danger, let’s shoot Carrie too.

And how many times is Carrie going to jeopardize herself and a mission to prove Brody’s innocence? After last night’s episode where she seemed fine and dandy with sending Brody off on what’s sure to be a suicide mission in Iran — if Showtime ever would let Brody die — her motivations are utterly confusing. Does she love Brody, or just want to be proven right?

I’d been giving “Homeland” a chance before Sunday’s Brody in detox mess. Ugh, worst episode of the season. It seems the writers know Danes and Lewis are great at portraying pain, and that’s all they’re going to do with the characters.

Now we’re left with Brody on a mission that would never, ever be successful. But I’m sure something even more outrageous will go down to wrap up this season. I’ll finish it, but only because I’m curious how bad it will get. Now, I need a drink.

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