Cocktails: Season's drinkings

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

All this holiday cheer is leaving the sugary taste of togetherness in my mouth, and it's time to rinse out all these joyful tidings with hard liquor. Whether you want to suppress your inner Grinch or you just need some liquid courage to put on that ugly Christmas sweater, these seasonally inspired cocktails are sure to do the job.

Curio's"The Hashtag," $11

Made with Epsolon Reposado tequila, Aperol, Campari, vanilla syrup, fresh lime, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh egg white and garnished with grated cinnamon. This seasonal delight is #totesamaze. Bonus points for using egg white and giving it a cleverly topical name. #ILoveDrinking

M. at Miranova's"Bourbon Cola," $12

Made with Four Roses, Ruby Port, fresh raspberries, sarsaparilla syrup and cherry bitters. This little treat is carbonated in house at M. Who doesn't love bubbles?

Guiseppe Ritrovo's"For Peat's Sake," $10

Made with Laphroiag 10-year Bulleit Rye, Cardamaro, Cocchi Di Torino Vermouth, black cardamom, orange tincture and cinnamon smoke. You had me at 10-year Bulleit Rye.

Strongwater's"Franklinton Mule," $7

Strongwater Rye (an infusion of Bulleit rye with port-brined peppercorns and habanero peppers), housemade sweet and spicy ginger ale, and fresh-squeezed lime juice. Our staff boozehound Jesse Tigges suggested this libation. It makes perfect sense considering it's made with habanero- and pepper-infused Bulleit. What else would a surly old man drink?

Betty's Fine Food and Spirits'"Bearskin Rug," $7

Walnut and cinnamon-infused bourbon, Barenjager, sour and Original Sin hard cider. You can almost see Burt Reynolds in all his mustachioed glory sipping this libation while he invites you onto his bearskin throw for a magic carpet ride.

Photo by Tim Johnson