Distilled: Seventh Son releases robust bottles

Jesse Tigges, Columbus Alive

A microbrewery releasing its first bottles is a big step. The potential to spread your brand (and beer) increases exponentially. It's also when an operation makes its first foray into the biggest commercial market. Out of the brewpub, into the fire if you will.

So it's nice to see locals Seventh Son Brewing making a statement with its first two bottle offerings. For its opening duo, Seventh Son released the Oubliette Imperial Stout and the Ladies & Gentlemen Barleywine in 750-milliliter bottles ($11.99 at most specialty bottle stores).

Both are bold brews that are atypical choices for an introductory bottle release, but welcomed. Both styles fit the season, while also being two of the best I've tried from Seventh Son. It helps that the shiny, metallic black labels look fantastic too. (It shouldn't be hard to see their cases at your favorite beer outlet.)

The Oubliette, one of the best beer names out there, has been a favorite of mine for a while, being released on draft in the fall. It's a rightly bitter, slightly sweet stout carrying a boost of acidity. It's also a very easy-to-drink beer, if it weren't for the 10 percent ABV. Thankfully the Oubliette in the bottle is the same as the one on draft. There's no letdown here.

Seventh Son's Barleywine is a new one (to me). While barleywine isn't necessarily one of my go-tos, I quite liked the Ladies & Gentlemen. It's a solid version of the recipe with a bit more sweetness and hop presence. Barleywine fans should be pleased, but others will as well.

Both bottles from Seventh Son's first release are more than viable drinking options. Those who are stout or barleywine fans should give them a try. My preference is the Oubliette, but as I said, I was already a fan. Still, the Ladies & Gentlemen is a barleywine I'll be returning to. Happy New Year, local beer drinkers.

Photo by Meghan Ralston