Staff Pick: Columbus Winter Beerfest provides all the boozin' you need

Justin McIntosh, Columbus Alive

We're Ohioans, dernit. We drink always, but especially in the winter we huddle indoors with booze to keep us warm. This is evident by the exponentially growing popularity of Winter Beerfest.

This year's square-footage is twice as large as last year's due to demand, so hopefully that means the wait for brews is lessened. Still, with more than 300 craft beers on hand, there should be plenty of beer to go-round.

A few tips to keep in mind though: If you can't make it Friday, you should aim for early arrival Saturday. Lines can get crazy quickly. Also, you should totally make a pretzel necklace. You might look a little goofy, but you need something of substance to tamper down all that booze. No one likes sloppiness. Especially at Beerfest. Keep your ish together.

Greater Columbus Convention Center

Friday Jan. 17 and Saturday Jan. 18

400 N. High St., Short North