Wine for your Valentine

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

If you're looking for a wine bottle suggestion that says, "I got this to wow my Valentine," stop reading and head to your nearest wine shop.

Do not pass "Go." Do not collect $200.

Do take mental notes with you as to what he/she likes.

Then, simply ask the owner or staffer for a bottle suggestion based on your notes. Trust us, they do this kind of thing every day, and they'll pick out something that will wow — within your price range. Score.

But for the more casual or last-minute gift-giver (we know you're out there) who just wants something fun and easy, you've come to the right place.

What says, "Let's have fun tonight" more than a $10, easy-drinking, dance-inducing, no-bottle-opener-required bottle?

If your Valentine drinks red wine, you're all set with this Hey Mambo red blend ($13 at Wine on High). If he or she prefers white, there's a white blend from the same Napa Valley producer and by the same name. But our favorite suggestion has to be: Get them both. Valentine's Day is on a Friday, after all.

When it comes time to taste this one, you'll find a nice berry scent and a smooth, full flavor, with dark fruit essences, but nothing too out of the ordinary — making it a real people-pleaser. You might fancy it up with a classic pasta dish or pair it with some sausage and fennel pizza straight out of the oven. It wouldn’t be a bad option to have post-dinner, either.

We’re already imagining how smooth you’ll look not having to struggle with (or should we say find?) your bottle opener.