TV review: "Mixology" mixes awful with terrible

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It’s the time of year when many networks are unveiling their lesser new series, but somehow ABC’s “Mixology” manages to standout … by being utterly terrible. The problematic sitcom premise (the entire season takes place in one bar over one night) is only outdone by the execution; “Mixology” is so unfunny it’s actually grating.

Centered on five men and five women — friends hanging out at the bar, people working at the bar, solo drunk guy who’s life is in the crapper, etc. — “Mixology” spends each episode coupling one man and woman.

The intention is that these people are in search of love — or mainly sex as this is created by “The Hangover” writers — and will find some sort of connection at the end of the season. I’m guessing there’ll be “twists” where couples who look like they’re getting together will actually end up with other people. (The whole thing sounds like a terrible game of pass the chlamydia.)

This attempt at creating a risqué rom-com element has such limited potential for an on-going narrative and especially character development; it’s not even close to the worst part of “Mixology.” The bro-tastic fellas coupled with the ridiculous — and unrealistic — women who just need a man to make their life complete is offensive. Apparently dudes just want to get laid, and women are lonely hearts desperate for an idealistic meet-cute. Way to go “Mixology,” you’ve reduced both sexes to insulting stereotypes.

“Mixology” trades in the lowest-common-denominator comedy, even if a few actors elevate this dreck, making it literally hard to watch.

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