Whiskey Wonderland: Cheap Thrills and Killer Deals: Dick's Den

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Dick's Den isn't a bar, it's a legacy. For 50 years the North Campus stalwart has offered a sanctuary from the college crowd to a mixed bag of poets, artists, crust punks and teachers alike. At any given happy hour, you'll see owner John Sondej sipping a Guinness or a "Guck and ginger" (Guckenheimer Scotch and ginger ale) at the end of the bar, surrounded by the same friends who have been filling up the barstools for the past 40 years.

At happy hour, well cocktails go for $1.50 (including the Guckenheimer), and the top shelf won't set you back much more. According to Sondej, the prices haven't risen in nearly 15 years.

"We keep meaning to raise the prices, but we never do," he said. "We will eventually have to raise them a little bit, but even if we raise them we're still the probably one of the cheapest places in town."

You'd be hard-pressed to find another well Scotch at most bars, let alone for $1.50. But Sondej has a specific reason for offering it.

"Marlon Brando orders a 'Guck and ginger' in the movie 'On the Waterfront,'" he said. "I thought, if it's good enough for Brando, it's good enough for me."

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Dick's Den

2417 N. High. St., Campus