Whiskey Wonderland: Master Class: DeepWood

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Named for the road owner Amber Herron grew up on as a child, DeepWood is an open invitation to have dinner with her family. Luckily for you, that includes raiding her grandfather's liquor cabinet.

"When we first opened six years ago, we focused on building up our Scotch collection, and people seemed to be really interested in that," Herron said. "Now we are seeing people gravitate toward bourbon, which I think fits us better. We are an American restaurant, and there are few things more American than bourbon."

Their carefully curated assortment of spirits looks like something you'd find in your grandfather's globe bar, Johnnie Walker Green Label 15 Year being the belle of the ball.

In addition to the selection, signature cocktails, like their Blending Pot (featuring Redbreast Blended Whiskey and a Lagavulin Scotch rinse) also play a key role. Their cocktail menu is ever-changing, and often incorporates ingredients straight from their kitchen.

"We adapt our cocktail menu seasonally to complement what we have going on in our kitchen. We love switching it up because nobody wants to make the same cocktail or plate the same food for six years," Herron said. "But we are consistently expanding our whiskey selection, and offering new cocktails. It's as much about keeping us interested as our customers."

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511 N. High St., Short North