Whiskey Wonderland: The Unsung Hero: Little Rock Bar

Abernathy Miller, Columbus Alive

Little Rock Bar is best described as a beer bar with an unexpected whiskey chaser. Somewhere between the Ace Frehley action figure and the classic jukebox boasting expertly curated tunes at no charge (yes, you read that right) lies the magic that makes Little Rock Bar the cleaned-up version of your favorite honky-tonk. Though Little Rock brags most about their varied selection of taps, the solid assortment of whiskey and their barrel-aged whiskey cocktails (like the Bulleit Rye Manhattan) might have you trading in your frosty mug for a rocks glass.

"We're all getting too old to just get drunk," said Bar Manager Joe Peppercorn. "People can taste the commitment to making whiskey. There is a sense of artistry in it. The only commitment in whipped cream vodka you can taste is the commitment to making money."

At Little Rock, you're going to find you the obvious mix of Jameson and Jack Daniels, as well as some gems like Oban Scotch Single Malt.

"All of us have worked in bars for so long, we wanted to create a place we'd want to drink [in]," Peppercorn said. "This place isn't about market research, it's about what a bar should be: Genuine."

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Little Rock Bar

944 N. Fourth St., Italian Village