The List: Top 10 TV neighbors

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

With the frat-house comedy “Neighbors” in theaters this weekend, we’re counting down our favorite neighbors of the small screen.

10. Wilson

Wilson Wilson Jr. was the thoughtful Greek chorus for Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on “Home Improvement,” though we always wondered if his face was always obscured by that fence to hide extensive facial scarring. Wait … was Wilson actually The Yellow King?

9. Glenn Quagmire

As the perverted sex addict living next to the Griffins on “Family Guy,” Quagmire is occasionally good for a laugh, and always there with his catch phrase “Giggity” and/or roofies.

8. George Jefferson

Before he moved on up to the East Side, George Jefferson was the African-American neighbor who shined the light on Archie Bunker’s casual bigotry in “All in the Family.”

7. Boner Stabone

Boner was the best friend to Kirk Cameron’s Mike Seaver on “Growing Pains,” and what he lacked in intelligence he more than made up for with an awesome moniker.

6. Lenny & Squiggy

As the oddballs who lived above Lavern and Shirley, this duo constantly pestered the queen of Milwaukee. At least they had good hair.

5. Kramer

Jerry Seinfeld’s eccentric neighbor was the quintessential “make yourself at home” neighbor, leading us to wonder if Jerry’s place even had working locks.

4. Barney & Betty Rubble

Fred and Wilma Flintstone’s best friends and neighbors were basically animated versions of Fred and Ethel Mertz from “I Love Lucy” or Ed and Trixie Norton from “The Honeymooners,” but we’re giving the edge to the Rubbles because we’re betting Fred was the type of neighbor who’d leave Dino poop in the neighbor’s yard.

3. Winnie Cooper

Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper was the classic girl-next-door and the object of Kevin Arnold’s affections on “The Wonder Years.” Winnie actress Danica McKellar went on to graduate with a mathematics degree and became an advocate for girls in math education.

2. Ned Flanders

Natura-diddily would we have the patriarch of the Flanderses on this list. Ned may be a bible-thumping goody two-shoes, but at least he always had a friendly disposition. Plus, mustache.

1. Mister Rogers

Fred Rogers was everyone’s neighbor, and his soft-spoken childhood lessons in kindness made our world a far better place.