Distilled: Four String Brewery turns three, brews special stout

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

It’s hard to believe, but Four String Brewery is about to be three years old. It seems like just yesterday I was talking with owner Dan Cochran about starting a brewery.

To celebrate Four String’s anniversary, the Grandview brewery is holding a party at its taproom from 4-10 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 11. There, it’ll release its first bottled beer — Four String’s Brass Knuckle Pale Ale and Big Star White IPA are available in cans — the Imperial Stout, with three infused versions available for sampling at the event.

Only 300 bottles have been made available, so if you want one, get there early. Cochran and Four String were kind enough to let me sample the Imperial Stout before its release, so here’s my take.

When I spoke with Cochran three years ago or so, he said he wanted to make sessionable beers with a low ABV because he likes to drink beer. Multiple beers. And the high ABV, heavily-hopped crafts out there are not ideal for such imbibing.

Well, Four String’s Imperial Stout goes against that philosophy whole-heartedly. The stout is a big, hefty brew with a 10.8 ABV, and not one you’ll likely pound (unless you’re in the mood for embarrassment).

Digression: I’ve unequivocally stated my love for stouts in this column before — and expounded enough vitriol toward the abundance of IPAs, and the drinkers responsible for their proliferation. So Four String hit my sweet spot before I even cracked open the bottle.

Anyway, while the Imperial Stout surely isn’t “sessionable,” it is easy to enjoy. It’s a nicely executed recipe that captures the style’s best characteristics. If I have to nitpick, which is exactly what I’m doing, I’ll deduct a few points for a-bit-too-much sweetness.

While Four String’s Imperial Stout may be a limited release, it would make a good addition to its rotation of brews. So even though it’s your birthday Four String, maybe Columbus could get a gift from you? More stouts please.

Photo by Tim Johnson