Main Squeezes: Alchemy and five more Columbus juice bars to sample

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Columbus Alive

Columbus is riding a wave of juice. Health conscious city-dwellers have been seeking out juice and smoothie bars to amp up their active lifestyles or simply to offset some poor culinary choices. With the opening of Alchemy Juice Bar + Café in Olde Towne East, it had us thinking about the local juice bars where you can grab a bottle of the good stuff.

Native Cold Pressed

771-A N. High St., Short North

The juices at Native Cold Pressed range from simple ("Just Apple") to complex ("Sweet Green" with pear, mint, kale, bok choy, cucumber), and they cover a range of tastes. Juices are based on different key ingredients like beets, carrots, herbs, coconut water or a mix of greens. They're pressed fresh, unpasteurized and bottled for easy carrying. If you're looking for the full deal, they have pre-packaged juice cleanses to help you reset with a full dose of nutrients.

Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe

525 Parsons Ave., Olde Towne East

Now open near Parsons and Livingstone avenues, Alchemy promises "nutrient-rich" juices and foods. Housemade juices will flow on tap and in bottles, and range from green (apple, spinach, carrot, lemon, ginger) to sweet (cucumber, pineapple, coconut water, lime) to coffee-like (Deeper Roots coffee, maple syrup, vanilla, cacao). As the "+ Café" in the title implies, Alchemy will do more than just juice. The menu is rounded out with some of the healthiest sounding plates ever, like coconut quinoa porridge, mushroom olive micro kale artisanal toast, and cucumber eggplant sandwiches.

Samba Fresh

4939 Dierker Rd., Upper Arlington

Samba cold press juices include ingredients from Ohio farms, and the juices are extracted using hydraulic presses, which squeeze out more juice than you possibly could at home. The bottled juices address every health need; descriptions at the café and online detail the health benefits of each blend, whether it's recovering from an intense workout with Hidrate or getting a healthy kick-in-the-pants with Detox.

Bubbles Tea & Juice Company

59 Spruce St., North Market

Bubbles fits the North Market model, where shoppers are looking for quick meals or ingredients while on the move. So Bubbles fresh-squeezes juices-to-order from an available mix of ingredients. Bases include apples, beets, carrots, celery, cucumbers or even lemonade, while mixers range from garlic and ginger to parsley, grapes or grapefruit. Once you've chosen your three ingredients, Bubbles' juicers will fresh squeeze your juice, cap it and stick a straw in it so you can stroll the market.

Organic GreenFix

4426 Indianola Ave., Clintonville

Organic GreenFix is out to spread the juice love around Columbus. While they're based in a Clintonville retail location, you'll see their van delivering juices and smoothies all around the city, and their tent makes appearances at seasonal farmers markets. If you need a guide through your juice cleanse journey, sign up for one of their classes to learn the benefits, processes and best practices.

Berry Blendz

1585 N. High St., Campus

As the "z" at the end of "Blendz" implies, this store is for the younger, hipper crowd. Berry Blendz is a Colorado-based chain, but the South Campus Gateway is their only Ohio appearance. Its presence near Campus offers Ohio State students the chance to improve their life choices with straightforward juice mixes like wheatgrass, carrot-orange or the Veggie Energizer with carrots, celery, cucumber and beets.

Nicholas Dekker writes about breakfast and authored the guidebook"Breakfast With Nick: Columbus." He also leads brewery tours for Columbus Brew Adventures, and his new breakfast tour for ColumbusFood Adventures launches Oct. 11.