Distilled: Yellow Brick Pizza celebrates birthday with Sour Fest

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Olde Towne East’s Yellow Brick Pizza will celebrate its fifth anniversary in November by offering a boatload of sour beers on draft and in bottles. The month-long event, aka Sour Fest, kicks off with 14 different sour beers being tapped, ranging in all levels of tartness, on Friday. A total of 23 different sours will be rotated in as the month goes on, and 15 additional sour bottles will be available as well.

“I really like sour beers, and I wanted to give people a chance to try something new,” Yellow Brick Pizza co-owner Faith Pierce said during an October phone interview. “A lot of times you go to a bar and they’ll have maybe one or two sours. Maybe they only have something in bottles, and a lot of places don’t have sour beer at all.”

Sour beers are quickly becoming the hottest trend in craft beer, and for good reason. Don’t let the sourness or tartness scare you off. Sour beers are truly some of the most exquisitely complex beers. And Yellow Brick is offering some of the best in the style. Patrons are sure to find something they’ll enjoy.

Pierce said a few of her personal favorites are bottles; Jolly Pumpkin’s La Roja and The Bruery’s Rueuze. Jolly Pumpkin is the best wild ale/sour beer brewery in the States, and La Roja is an excellent showcase. The Bruery’s Rueuze is a gueuze brewed with rye, which Pierce said, “gives it this very distinct spicy flavor that complements the sourness.”

While the bottles are more than enough to get excited about, it’s the draft list that’s truly impressive. Like Pierce mentioned, it’s rare to see even one sour on drafts lists — let alone 14 options.

Highlights from the draft side include another Jolly Pumpkin, this time the brewery’s amazing Madrugada Obscura Imperial Stout, and the Hitachino Nest Anbai Ale all the way from Japan. Neither I nor Pierce have tried the Anbai Ale, but a Gose brewed with plums using naturally salinized water sounds very enticing.

Photo by Jesse Tigges