TV review: "Archer" returns to normal, for "Archer" at least

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Last season of “Archer” was a fresh start … for a series in its fifth season. While Season 5’s “Archer Vice” plotline was an imaginative approach, presenting the shenanigans typically rendered by the series in a new (more debauched) way, it couldn’t last forever. This is why Season 6 is a return to normal. Well, normal for “Archer.”

The premiere begins with a “getting the band back together” sequence where we see what Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and the rest of the agency formerly known as ISIS — for obvious reasons — has been up to since we last left them. Spoiler Alert: They’ve all been up to their own brand of weirdness, especially Krieger.

As Malory (Jessica Walter) looks to get another agency up and running, she brings in Archer, new mom Lana (Aisha Tyler) and the rest of the old gang — of course that includes Pam (Amber Nash) and Cheryl (Judy Greer) — back into the fold despite the immense amount of stress it’ll bring. And we’re off on another season of “Archer” filled with rapid-fire jokes, zany espionage plots, an incredibly dysfunctional office family and ridiculously hilarious tales of functional alcoholism.

After tearing through six new episodes of this season, I laughed many times and was impressed by some of the show’s wild storytelling — especially a bottle episode!? — but it doesn’t feel as fresh as last season did. I still find this to be one of the finest comedies on television, so I think I was spoiled by last season’s brilliance. (For the record, “Archer” just missed my top 10 of 2014, coming in at 13.)

I would love to see “Archer” do more seasons like “Vice,” but as long as creator Adam Reed and his crew of writers can continuously churn out jokes and wit on this level I’m very happy to have it back on television. And if they ever do another “Vice”-like foray, please let it be an “Archer-pocalypse Now” miniseries.

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3 stars