Distilled: Do you like weasel poop in your beer?

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Mikkeller is one of the finest breweries in the world. Some may want to argue that, but they’re wrong. There’s a reason I’m giving this qualification, and it’s because only one of the finest breweries in the world could get away with putting poop in a beer.

Well, technically, the poop in Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Brunch, an imperial oatmeal stout brewed with Civet Coffee, comes from the coffee. Civet is considered one of the finest (and one of the most expensive) coffees in the world — and that’s because the beans come out of the butt of a Southeast Asian weasel-like creature known as the civet cat.

Yes, this is for real. Apparently the civet cat is a picky eater and only munches on the ripest and best coffee berries. Once in the cat’s belly some science-y stuff happens with enzymes and the expunged beans are coveted. Yes, poop farming is also real.

Mikkeller uses Civet Coffee to brew its Beer Geek Brunch, and the result is utterly amazing. This imperial stout (10. 9 ABV) is one of the creamiest and most delectable stouts I’ve had in a long time. (Go ahead and insert creamy/delectable poop joke here.)

As I poured the stout into a pint, I knew something special was about to go in my gullet. The beer settled into the glass with a foamy top that was ebulliently garish. Then I took a sip, and was actually astonished by how much I liked this Mikkeller. I had high hopes, and the Beer Geek Brunch actually exceeded them.

The Beer Geek Brunch carries a bunch of subtle and potent flavors. Some come through powerfully and immediately. Others are more restrained. There are big chocolate notes, coffee (obviously), a twinge of smokiness and the slightest hint of vanilla. Then you realize the velvety smoothness of the beer, and you need another sip just to make sure this is for real. Like poop in beer, I assure you it’s for real.

So yes, you do want weasel poop in your beer. At least if it comes from Mikkeller. Beware of anyone else attempting such a fete.