Distilled: Surprise! Your summer beer should be Brew Kettle's new stout

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Columbus Alive

Well, it’s getting warm outside, which means beer drinkers need to stop imbibing the dark stuff, right? No more stouts or porters? Well, F that S.

Thankfully, Strongsville’s The Brew Kettle makes an absolutely wonderful stout, perfect for these warmer days.

Now, you may have heard of Brew Kettle from Paste Magazine — er, unsolicited online emails, as that’s how that online factory of clickbait mostly operates these days — that Brew Kettle makes the greatest IPA in the United States of America.

And yes, the Brew Kettle White Rajah IPA is the best IPA — definitely in the States, and potentially the world. If someone wants to dispute this with me, feel free to fire up that hot air balloon. (I only have 88 days of vacation time, though.)

Pardon my worldly digression, because I’m going to discuss Brew Kettle’s other — less internet-ly known beer — that’s on par with White Rajah.

Yes, I feel that strongly about Brew Kettle’s Kitka Coconut Chocolate Milk Stout. It is worthy of “best in the States” qualification. (Sorry for burying the lede.)

Where to start with the Kitka? I could spill many words about its creamy milky-ness mouthfeel, but that would sound gross, right? Or I could wistfully tell wise beer drinkers about how it pours with the appropriate head.

I guess the clearly obvious point here is that I would gratefully have sex with this beer. But that’s only because I’m in love. (I guess I’m prudish that way — especially when it comes to stouts.)

The main reason I’m recommending Kitka in mid-May is the coconut accents. I’m no fan of Almond Joys or any form of coconut rum, but damn if the Kitka’s coconut doesn’t say, “I love dark beer and here’s one that is as refreshing as it is satisfying.”

Frivolities out of the way — grab a six pack of Kitka to “treat yo’ self” with the right summer beer choice.

Jesse Tigges photo