Roundup: Your guide to the season's hottest iced coffee drinks

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Columbus Alive

The sun’s out, so that means Columbus’ specialty coffee scene is arming itself to dole out the iced coffee. About every joint in town serves up a delicious version of ready-to-go, large-batch toddy — the most omnipresent type of iced coffee — for your morning perk-up or afternoon wallop. What might not be on your radar is cold coffee’s potential, and how many different coffee drinks you can get on ice without sacrificing much (if any) of the coffee’s unique and inherent flavor. I’ve taken care of that nuance and outlined some standard beverages you’ve probably ordered before, as well as some relatively unusual ones, and where they make them best to get you thinking about icing down your coffee routine. (Just a heads up — save the last two mentioned here, you can get about any of these drinks at any shop in a similar fashion.)


The espresso and water combo of an iced Americano creates an interesting, textured experience that the smoother toddy doesn’t have. It’s also a quick drink to make if you’re rushed, which also contributes to why Café Brioso comes recommended here; not only do they pull a great shot of espresso, they are efficient in handling any morning rush.

Café Brioso

14 E. Gay St., Downtown




The baristas at Mission say it’s the milk they use — from Hartzler Dairy up in Wooster, by no means a stranger to Columbus — that gives their iced lattes such a rich, creamy flavor. With four shots of espresso per serving, they pack a punch and might not be as sweet as you’re used to ordering.

Mission Coffee Co.

11 Price Ave., Short North




An iced pour-over (the brewing process of methodically pouring water on top of coffee grounds) offers a drink that gives you the brunt of its flavor on the first sip, as opposed to the typically well-rounded toddy. One Line’s coffee know-how and coffee selection (at least three offered daily) makes them the go-to spot for this one.

One Line Coffee

745 N. High St., Short North and 41 S. High St., Downtown




The finally open Roosevelt strays from its companions by offering Vietnamese iced coffee, a drink that combines coffee freshly brewed over a bit of sweetened condensed milk. It’s always made to order, which means it’s not some cruddy dry-mix-based drink, but you’ll need a few minutes to spare.

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse

300 E. Long St., Downtown




New Orleans-style iced coffee is now making a presence here thanks to Fox in the Snow, having been a menu mainstay in bigger specialty coffee markets for years. The key component is the roasted chicory that’s cold-brewed with the coffee. After adding a bit of sugar and milk, you get a delectable iced coffee drink with a bit of a smoky bite.

Fox in the Snow

1031 N. Fourth St., Italian Village