Distilled: Disappointed a bit by Mikkeller's Wit Fit

Staff Writer
Columbus Alive

Mikkeller is one of those breweries that’s never done me wrong, and while I don’t want to be too harsh on the Danish brewery’s Wit Fit, I was disappointed. With Mikkeller I generally have high expectations — even when they put weasel poop (coffee beans) in their beer I’m excited about it — and that’s justified. It’s a celebrated brewery that’s consistently trying new approaches, styles and recipes that keep them at the top.

The Wit Fit, an imperial wit (6.2 ABV) brewed with spices, most likely coriander, and citrus flavors, is designed as a crisp summer beer. Given the moniker, I’m not sure if Mikkeller is going for some sort of Michelob Ultra, beer-for-athletic-types thing, but the Wit Fit is clearly meant to be refreshing.

The Wit Fit is available in four-pack cans, and is brewed and canned by Sly Fox Brewing Company in Pennsylvania. Now, one could say I found the Wit Fit disappointing because it’s not actually brewed by Mikkeller, but Sly Fox has a strong reputation — and it’s earned the trust of Mikkeller.

So why was I dissatisfied? Well, to put it simply, it was too bitter and a touch too dry. While I can get down with a bitter beer, this one was too much — and not in a way that falls in line with a wit. I wanted a flavor profile that highlighted the spices, hops and yeast components equally. Here it was mainly a strong hoppy flavor coursing over everything, and all of a wit’s sweeter notes were overwhelmed.

There were a couple of admirable qualities, though. First off, I liked the boasted ABV for a wit. It’s a bold choice, and doesn’t seem to affect the beer’s crispness and drinkability. Thus, the Wit Fit would be a solid choice for summer — if it weren’t for that overpowering bitterness.

I understand what this recipe was going for. I just think it goes too far. But for those who enjoy a hoppy IPA, but want something more refreshing — I can’t recommend the Wit Fit more.

Photo courtesy Mikkeller