Editor's Picks: 19 things to do this weekend

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CCAD hosts annual Senior Fashion Show

CCAD's annual Senior Fashion Show is not simply the culmination of four years of design training for students, but also evidence of a symbiotic relationship that is helping to drive the continuing development of Columbus as a fashion hub. If the presence of established corporate fashion and the increasing proliferation of indie designers help inform the training of young designers at CCAD and other institutions, those young designers are, in turn, building on the city's existing reputation and moving it forward in exciting directions.


Titus Andronicus at Skully's Music-Diner

New albumTragedycould be described as Titus' attempt to push things beyond the breaking point. Over the course of 29 tracks and 93 minutes, the band ping-pongs ferociously between musical styles, piling on punk rippers, decimated ballads and barroom sing-alongs.


Savages plays Ace of Cups

The British post-punk quartet is on tour in support of its sophomore full-length,Adore Life. Album writing and recording sessions found the band stretching beyond the clenched-fist fury of its 2013 debut,Silence Yourself, incorporating warm, open-hearted emotions that occasionally run at odds with the tough, angular, chill-inducing instrumentation.