Editor's Picks: 18 things to do this weekend

Erica Thompson


Actors' Theatre presents "Othello" in Schiller Park

Since 1982, Actors' Theatre has been a Schiller Park fixture - which is not to say the classical theater troupe has been stationary. Theater outdoors in a public space almost can't not bedynamic, and Actors' Theatre is getting ready for its 35thseason (one that will include its 100th production) with that expectation in mind. "Actors' Theatre started something special in 1982," Artistic Director Philip J. Hickman said. "There's something magic about performing in a public space that brings the community together."


Stephanie Rond/April Sunami "Common Cosmology" exhibition at Vanderelli Room

That the work of two artists with different approaches can stand side by side in a collaborative exhibition speaks, at least in part, to the underlying constructs in "Common Cosmology." The exhibition explores themes of commonality among differing cultures and worldviews. The artists created all new work specifically for this exhibition, which has been nearly two years in the making.


Local trio Bloody Show at Café Bourbon Street

The garage-punk trio's new Root NerveEP emerges throwing haymakers, speckled in blood and dirt and with adrenaline levels running at peak capacity. "I wanted to make songs fast. I didn't want to labor over it, and I didn't want to make it into a big production," said Nada, 35, who will join bandmates Laura B. (drums) and Jay Sparrow (stepping in on guitar for Christopher Corbin of Sex Tide, who appears on the recording but has since left the band due to time constraints) for a record release show at Café Bourbon Street on Sunday, May 29. "I wanted it to be primitive and loud and mean."