Editor's Picks: 19 things to do this weekend

Erica Thompson


CMA hosts "a different kind of Picasso show"

This is an example of the kind of engaging, innovative exhibition for which the Columbus Museum of Art's new Margaret M. Walter Wing was built, CMA Executive Director Nannette Maciejunes said. "Picasso: The Great War, Experimentation and Change" was organized by the CMA, in partnership with the Barnes Foundation. The assembled 50-plus works by the 20th-century master examine an important stylistic period in Picasso's development as an artist in the years during and just following World War I.


ElectroCult Circus brings its three-ring affair to Big Room Bar

Despite adopting the fantastical name ElectroCult Circus, much of I Wanna Know (I Don't Wanna Know), the new album from the sprawling, eclectic rock collective, finds inspiration in reality. Concerts, in turn, can be surreal, audacious affairs that blend performance, burlesque and comedy. The band's current roster even features a belly dancer, who will perform alongside the standard array of guitarists, percussionists and singers when the crew hits Big Room Bar for a record release show on Saturday, June 11.


Scroll Downers at Double Happiness

Though Scroll Downers is a relatively new project - this Columbus stop marks the end of the band's first-ever run of shows outside Baltimore - the players have already established a strong musical chemistry. This chemistry is particularly evident in the band's still-evolving live show, where album tracks exist next to more adlibbed, improvised cuts.