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Kurt Lightner artist reception at Joseph Editions

Kurt Lightner's choice was simple: become a painter or a pig farmer. Lightner grew up outside of tiny Troy, Ohio, in a family whose farming history spanned generations in both Ohio and Indiana. While he doesn't recall a time he wasn't drawing or sketching or painting, his decision to attend art school (he is a CCAD grad) was not always clear. Including his time at CCAD, Lightner spent about 13 years in Columbus before moving to New York City. Still, his work has remained fixed in the rural landscape of his youth.


Copywrite plays 2x2 Hip-Hop Festival at Rice Paddy Motorcycles

Death surfaces throughout Copywrite's latest long-player, the excellentBlood Bath & Beyond - "Found another dead body? Pile it on," he spits on "Hemophilia" - a concept informed as much by the MC's past as any recent experiences. Regardless,Blood Bathis far from a dour affair, mixing Copy's inventive wordplay (on one track he threatens to load the earth into a slingshot, like a comic book supervillain bent on galactic destruction) with chest-thumping boasts and more vulnerable turns like "Na Na," which the rapper wrote and recorded for his grandmother in the months before she died.


Sonny & the Sunsets at Ace of Cups

On the recently releasedMoods Baby Moods, the San Francisco band tackles the less-personal but more-controversial topic of police violence in "White Cop on Trial." "Standing in the courthouse, getting pictures taken/ What will the jury say?" says Smith, who then sings the jury's part: "'We have found him not guilty cuz we are insane/ blah blah blah blah blah blah we are crazy.'" While the lyrics make it sound like a down-with-authority,punk-rock screamer, the track actually has an unnervingly playful, bouncy beat that mimics the tragically routine, everyday nature of these police-involved shootings.