23 things to do the weekend of May 5

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Dr. E at Long Street Studio


Dr. E at Long Street Studio

In celebration of the release of her new record,13, on Friday, May 5, the singer and OSU professor will perform a show at Long Street Studio with special guest singer Caroline Bennett and host Speak Williams. Like many of the songs on the album, the title track is blistering funk with a rock edge, but the upbeat music is accompanied by the sobering story of Richardson’s early life of sexual abuse and exploitation, which began when she was raped at 13 years old.


Marcus P. Blackwell’s ‘A Sequential Abstract Experiment’ opens at Stone Village Gallery

Marcus P. Blackwell’s self-described “gateway to art” was comics, in particular the three-panel strips he read as a kid. That’s the kind of thing that got him started in drawing, but it’s also the physically confined and sequential nature of the form that informs his recent abstract painting and collage work. “I had a lot of these smaller pieces, and I realized that a lot of them were in groups of three,” Blackwell said, adding he sought to wed the notion of a three-panel story to his abstract work, “to give people a different way of looking at abstract art.”


The Pixies play Express Live

The legendary college rockers have never quite recaptured the ballyhoo of their run in the late 80s and early 90s, whenSurfer Rosa andDoolittle captured the imagination of the indie rock universe. But the fact that they’ve been back at it for the past few years always allows for the possibility of one night of magic.