26 things to do the weekend of May 12

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CCAD Senior Fashion Show


CCAD Senior Fashion Show

Check out Isaac Cohn’s classic designs in the CCAD Senior Fashion show on Friday, May 12. The annual fashion show, which this year features more than 70 looks created by 18 student designers, typically features clothes for a variety of occasions and applications. This year’s show also includes Madeline Burgess’ bright-colored looks made with an interest in sustainability that, when feasible, use natural fabrics that will decompose over time; Jasmine Burton’s women’s pantsuits inspired by the glamor of gowns from the Hollywood red carpet; Sarah Marie Gillespie’s motocross designs; and many more.


Found Footage at Wexner Center, part of Flyover Fest

Remember when you were a teenager and you sat around in your parents’ home outside of Madison, Wisconsin, and watched all of those weird VHS tapes you found at thrift stores with your friends while cracking jokes and providing running commentary? If you do, you might just be Joe Pickett or Nick Prueher, creators of the Found Footage Festival. Writer/director Pickett and writer (and former “Late Show with David Letterman” researcher) Prueher started Found Footage in 2004, figuring that if they found this oddball collection of weird and eccentric video clips entertaining, others just might, too.


Sorority Noise plays Double Happiness

The open-wound rawness of Cameron Boucher’s lyrics is offset by layers of huge, hi-fi guitars on cathartic, mosh-worthy choruses, making for an album that’s both devastating and spirited. Throughout, as Boucher processes the loss of his friends, he also wrestles with God, shaking his fist at the sky while simultaneously seeking comfort from a creator whose motives he struggles to understand. On You’re Not as ____ as You Think, those glimmers of quasi-hope emerge from a simple truth: Cameron Boucher is alive, and he is still making music.