32 things to do the weekend of June 2

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Aaron Lee Tasjan plays Nelsonville Music Festival


Aaron Lee Tasjan plays Nelsonville Music Festival

For years, Tasjan was known mostly for his impressive guitar work, leaving his hometown of New Albany to play in bands like the New York Dolls, Alberta Cross, Semi Precious Weapons, Drivin’ n Cryin’, Everest and the Madison Square Gardeners. But when he moved from New York City to Nashville in 2013, he began writing songs for himself. While Tasjan’s brand of East Nashville outsider Americana is no joke, his sense of humor comes through often in irreverent tracks like “12 Bar Blues,” in which Tasjan meanders from bar to bar in spoken-word verses filled with witty references and one-liners.


“50 Pieces of Black Gold” exhibition reception at Wild Goose Creative

David Butler and Eric Jefferson envision their exhibition “50 Pieces of Black Gold,” which celebrates icons of popular culture while at the same time recognizing these icons’ deeper importance to the black community, to be akin to having a conversation. To that end, Jefferson said, the work in this show is like a visual pop-culture conversation. “Like us hanging out and the art being our backdrop,” he said. “Because it creates that conversation in a fun way, with these little golden thought bubbles that pop up.”


Sigur Ros at the Palace Theatre

Sigur Ros has been a band for more than two decades now, having released its debut album, Von, 20 years ago. In that time, the group has continued to change and evolve musically, drifting from the dreamy, alien textures of its 1999 breakthrough album Agætis byrjun and exploring everything from wooly, stripped-down campfire songs (the Heim half of the split Hvarf/Heim) to mood-setting soundtrack work on the ethereal “Angels of the Universe” score. The lineup has shifted, as well; in 2013, keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson departed the fold, leaving the musicians to carry on as a trio.