37 things to do the weekend of June 9

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Raeghan the Savage 'Output Logic' reception at Nix Comics


Raeghan the Savage ‘Output Logic’ reception at Nix Comics

Raeghan the Savage’s “Output Logic” will be on exhibit June 9 through July 8. The show combines illustration, collage, installation and sculpture, employs screenprinting and found materials, and is inspired by the artist’s appreciation for her father’s woodworking and by the time she spent working in a factory. “My inspiration for this body of work is just my fascination with machines and urban decay. I grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania, an aging industrial town, and a lot of the scenery around where I lived was falling apart, with urban sprawl and exposed rusted metal [and] acquired patina everywhere,” the artist said.


Ohio Songwriters show at Big Room Bar

Lizard McGee of Earwig just released Spooky Jets at a Distance, a solo acoustic take on last year’s excellent Pause for the Jets; he’ll play this bare-bones set before heading to the UK for a short solo tour. Cincinnati’s Chuck Cleaver is best known for his work in the Ass Ponys and Wussy, a band that has yet to release a weak rock record. Sue Harshe of Fort Shame and Scrawl is a seasoned performer and songwriter who hasn’t lost her edge. A solo Kyle Sowash is a rare thing and a great way to listen close to some of those Kyle Sowashes songs that are probably funnier than you remember. Kyle Melton of Smug Brothers is no stranger to a lo-fi setup.


Frankie Ballard at Buckeye Country Superfest

“I’m getting tired of this white bread town/Same old people just hanging around,” Frankie Ballard sings at the onset of his 2016 full-length, El Rio. A similar wanderlust fueled the country singer, songwriter and guitarist’s decision to flee Nashville, Tennessee for 10 days of recording at Sonic Ranch, an El Paso, Texas studio situated near the banks of the Rio Grande just a stone’s throw from the Mexico border. The musician performs on the second day of Buckeye Country Superfest, which takes place at Ohio Stadium on Saturday and Sunday, June 10 and 11).