25 things to do the weekend of September 8

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“BLK PWR Mixtape” exhibition opens at Blockfort


“BLK PWR Mixtape” exhibition opens at Blockfort

The Marshall Shorts-penned Black Creatives Manifesto is a document asserting a collection of ideas and ideals that has since proved to be an utterance around which creatives and people of color of varying pursuits have rallied. The document also serves as the nexus for this group exhibition in the gallery space at Blockfort. “We reached out to a mix of artists with a prompt of, ‘What does black power look like today?’” Shorts said. “And then we said, ‘Here’s the manifesto. Use it as a springboard to think about things you might want to create, or to provide existing work that centers around the manifesto and its themes.’”


Nikki Hill at the Hot Times Community & Arts Festival

Growing up in Durham, North Carolina, Nikki Hill, as with many Southerners, got her start singing in the church choir. “It’s one of the prerequisites of growing up in the South,” Hill said, and laughed. “You do it because you have to.” Regardless, the singer absorbed plenty in those years spent shaking the rafters, most importantly the ability to let go and let the spirit overtake her, which she does to masterful effect on the soul-spiked rock ‘n’ roll tracks dotting Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists, from 2015.


“Stillness: Nocturnes by Christopher Burk” continues at Brandt-Roberts Galleries

Urban-landscape artist Christopher Burk has spent the past few years capturing rooftops, eaves, utility poles and overhead wires. For “Stillness: Nocturnes by Christopher Burk,” which opens Friday, Sept. 1 at Brandt-Roberts Galleries (and where it will be on view through Oct. 1), Burk offers a body of work that gives the viewer glimpses of a city at night, tableaus of unexamined scenes and forgotten locales. “I like the idea of taking something that’s not beautiful and adding this other level to it,” he said.